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All Natural Organic Henna cones

  • All-Natural hand made organic henna cones. Each cone weighs approximately 20 grams with 0.5 mm pin tip, so you dont have to worry about cutting the tip. 


    Ingredients: Organic triple-sifted Rajasthani henna powder, organic lemon juice, organic sugar, organic eucalyptus oil, filtered water.




    • Henna cones are shipped every Monday and/or Tuesday. Please place your orders before 7 PM EST on Sunday for your orders to be shipped the next day.
    • These natural henna cones are perishable. Please freeze them ASAP on receiving the shipment.
    • The pin can be re-inserted after using the cone and can be frozen again for next use. Please do not freeze the cone more than 2 times as it will diminish the staining quality over time. 
    • Henna cones freshness can only be guaranteed with priority mail express shipping.
    • Cello pattern of the cones may vary from the picture. 
    •  No returns are accepted as this is a perishable product.
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